What is Combat and how does it work?

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Combat includes 24 tablets that help control a UTI by helping to inhibit the progression of infection.

Combat is a good option for you if you want antibacterial protection and want to control a UTI. 

Uqora Combat includes two active ingredients — sodium salicylate  and methenamine, a powerful duo. Methenamine is an antibacterial medicine that slows the growth of bacteria along the urinary tract, helping you to control the UTI. Sodium salicylate is a pain reliever, to help relieve general pain and discomfort while sodium salicylate does its thing. Note that while Combat inhibits the progression of an infection, it should not replace medical care and is just intended to slow the infection progression until you’re able to see your healthcare provider. 

In short, Combat works by generating formaldehyde in the urine. The formaldehyde is toxic to the bacteria and slows their growth.

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