Control FAQs

Should I take Uqora Control with or without food?

Control can be taken with or without food.

Updated 9 months ago

Can I take Control, Target and Promote in the same day?

Yes, Target, Control, and Promote can be taken in the same day. Taking all three products provides maximum urinary support, as Target flushes the urinary tract, Control cleanses biofilm and strengthe…

Updated 5 months ago

When should I take Uqora Control?

Consistency is the key so a time that is easy for you to remember will help! We recommend taking 2 capsules together each day. Control is also safe to take with Target and Promote.

Updated 7 months ago

What is the orange coloring in my bottle of Uqora Control?

The orange color you’re seeing on the cotton ball is curcumin powder (one of the ingredients in Control). The curcumin is very fine, and during the encapsulation process, some sticks to the exterior…

Updated 9 months ago

Does Uqora have caffeine in it?

Green tea is an ingredient in Uqora Control, but caffeine is removed from the green tea leaves as part of the extraction process to ensure that there is less than 1 mg of caffeine in Uqora Control. A…

Updated 9 months ago

How long do I need to take Control?

Since Control works to cleanse biofilm in the urinary tract, and new biofilm is always being formed, we recommend taking it for ongoing urinary support. Additionally, Vitamin D3 is key to maintaining…

Updated 5 months ago

What are the ingredients in Control?

Active ingredients: Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol) - 38 mcg (1500 IU); Turmeric Extract (Curcumin 95%) - 200mg; D-Mannose - 600mg; Green Tea Extract (95% polyphenols) - 200mg; Black Pepper Powder -…

Updated 5 months ago

Can the Control and Promote capsules be opened and mix with food or water?

The Control capsules can be opened and mixed in with food. Since the ingredients weren't designed to be mixed with water, they may not dissolve fully in a drink. The Promote capsules can be opened bu…

Updated 9 months ago