How do I manage my subscription?

Can I change my next charge date?

Yes, you'll first want to log in to your account here. Then you can change your next order date on your subscription by clicking on the box labeled 'Your next renewal date'. You'll then have the opti…

Updated 3 weeks ago

Can I change the products in my subscription?

Absolutely! You'll first want to log in to your account here. You can switch to a different product/bundle by clicking "Change" under "Change products or adjust quantity:". Email our Support Team at…

Updated 3 weeks ago

How do I cancel my subscription?

Often, people reach out to cancel because they’ve ended up with too much product. If you have too much Uqora on hand, you can easily delay your next order. All you’ll need to do is log into your acco…

Updated 3 weeks ago

How do I update my shipping and billing information on my subscription?

First, you'll want to log in to your account here. To edit your email, shipping/billing address and payment method, click on the tab labeled 'Profile' (circled in green below). You can then click edi…

Updated 3 weeks ago

What are the benefits of subscribing to automatic delivery?

1. A subscription ensures that you have Uqora on hand when you need it. 2. Uqora automatically delivers at whatever interval is right for you, ranging from every 15 days to every 90 days. 3. You get…

Updated 9 months ago

How do I access my subscription?

You have your own account page and you can customize it to best fit your schedule/routine. To access your subscription account, log in through our customer portal here:…

Updated 3 weeks ago